How do I fix or repair my data in Jefit, Apple Health or Google Fit?

Common Issues To Fix

  • Overly Long Sessions - When you forget to end a workout session or have a session with excess wasted time that wasn't correctly calculated
  • Adjustments to Exercise Logs - If you delete logs from a workout session you can recalculate the time and weight lifted
  • Adjustments to 1 Rep Maxes - Errors in inputting exercise weights that led to the wrong number of PRs being captured
  • Apple Health or Google Fit Data - If erroneous data above gets picked up by connected health platforms


Fixing Jefit Logs

  • Log into 
  • Access My Logs on the left menu
  • After you find your specific workout, click the Re-Calculate button or click "Edit" to delete the session.
  • On your mobile app make sure to tap the sync button on the profile tab after to fix the data on the app as well.



Fixing Apple Health Logs

  • Access your Health app and find Jefit under sources.
  • Select workouts and left swipe to remove data.

Note:  you will be unable to re-input these logs and you can only delete them.



Fixing Google Fit Logs

Currently Google does not give the option to remove previous data from third party apps. 

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