How to Redeem/Unlock Pro?

If you have purchased the Pro app, do note that this is also bound to a Pro sub/account. The Pro sub is a lifetime subscription (until further notice) however in 2017, we have discontinued our Pro app and focus more on the new JEFIT app. Our Pro users could still use their Pro sub/account by migrating their account to the new app. 

Note: Pro subscription is non-transferable. Only Pro accounts that were created/subscribed to the Pro app is migrated. Accounts claiming Pro but was purchased after Pro has been discontinued won't be honored.

Here are some steps on how to migrate Pro account:

  • Access Settings by clicking the Profile tab from the bottom menu

  • Scroll to JEFIT Pro migration/redeem and select it

  • Then click on the Unlock icon to start unlocking your account

  • Then logout/log back in to apply changes you've made




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