How to Redeem Points?

If you already have an Elite subscription, you would need to turn off auto-renewal first to be able to redeem Elite. 

To turn off auto-renewal, you can go to our website:

If you have however purchased your subscription from iTunes or Playstore, you would need to manage your subscription from there. 

Once renewal is turned off, synchronize then go to your app's settings and locate the Activity Points section. You should be able to easily redeem your points. Make sure you have consumable points, if you don't you can't redeem points. 

Here's how to redeem:

  • Open the JEFIT app and Login 
  • Select Profile and tap Iron Points
  • Go to Records
  • Redeem your points


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  • 1
    Paha Keisari

    That just doesn't work...

    I cancelled my yearly subscription (play store says that it ends 4/24/2020) I have updated and reseted the app several ties, but...

    the screens are totally different, I can find my 5,8 K iron points, but can´t redeem anything... 

    getting slightly pissed here...

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