How Do I Set Up Pyramid Sets? (Mobile App)

With JEFIT, it is useful to set up Pyramid Sets, Super Sets or Drop sets by editing your exercise Reps, Sets and Timer accordingly. 

  • After clicking on the "Edit" icon, you will be brought to the "Edit Reps/Sets/Timer" page where you will be able to edit the values for the number of Sets, Reps and the Total Resting Timer for the exercises within the day being performed.

Screenshot_20190429-141900.png         Screenshot_20190429-141905.png


  • On this page, you will want to click on each text field to enter your desired corresponding values.
    • For example if you are performing a pyramid set with 6 sets, you will click within the reps text field and enter in your rep values as such "12, 10, 8, 8 ,10, 12", all in that order WITH the commas (Don't forget the commas as the application will not be able to read the values you want for each set in the pyramid). 


  • Also ensure that in settings the "Last Logs" is not checked so that your pre-fills work correctly


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