How to Reorder Exercises?

You visit the gym and you’re ready for the next exercise.

But.. the exercise equipment is unavailable. You cringe! What to do..? You don’t want to lose time waiting for when it becomes available. What if, never?

Luckily for you, the JEFIT app gives you the ability to reorder your exercises so that it’ll be easy for you to change your exercises according to its equipment availability when you’re in the gym. Waiting time for the equipment availability, no more!

Below, we have listed ways for you to reorder your exercises in a routine for Android and IOS.

Simply follow the steps and you can never go wrong.

IOS platform: 

  • Select Workout and choose My Plans where you can see a list of your default and customized routines.

Reorder Exercises 

  • Once  you have the list of exercises for the Workout day, look for the Reorder Icon located right on top of your exercise and make sure to long press this icon giving you the capability to drag your exercises. It will reorder exercises according to your needs and gym equipment availability. Reorder exercises will also give you freedom to choose what exercises are next on your exercise list.



Android Platform:

  • Swipe your side menu and look for Workout Plans. It should give you a list of all your default and customized workout routines.


  • Open your exercise day and you’ll see a list of your exercises. Make sure to long press that little man icon and it should allow you to drag the exercises.

 Reorder Exercises

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