Can I Copy An Exercise Day?

Copy and Duplicate Exercise Day - iPhone

Duplicating an exercise day within a routine is as simple as duplicating a routine.

Rather than navigating to the routine manager, when you open up the "Start Workout" tab from your Home Profile Page and you will look for the same dual pages icon on the Workout Day List.

Click on this icon and the app will switch over to the duplication function in which you will be able to duplicate any exercise day currently within your routine.







Copy and Duplicate Exercise Day - Android

First you will want to click on the "Workout" tab at the top of your profile page, which will bring you to the default workout routine that you are performing.

On the exercise day list you will want to click on the "edit" or three dot icon at the right of the exercise name.



By clicking on this button you will open up a list that states "Delete, Edit, and Copy" and then clicking on the "Copy" button this will duplicate the exercise day that you would like to copy.

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