Can I Download User-Created Routines?

With JEFIT, you and other members are able to create and share their own create workout routines to the community routine database

These routines may be downloaded into your account from the Android and iPhone applications as well as through the JEFIT Website.


Android Application

Upon opening the Android app, you will click on the top left slider navigation and click on the tab labeled "Workout Plans"



On the workout plans page you will click the tab labeled "Shared" to be taken to a list of all of the user shared workouts shared within the routine database



By clicking on a workout routine from another user, you will be able to view the routine, its description, and entire program listing then download into your account.

From there after downloading the routine, if you would like, you may return to the My Plans page and click "Set as Default" to set the routine as your main default JEFIT Routine.





iPhone Application - User Shared

Also while using the app you are able to download workout routines that are created by community members.

Opening up the app you will want to click on the "Workout Plans" tab from the main slider navigation or from your "Home" page to go to your routine manager page.

Once on the "Workout Plans" page you will be under the Featured Routines tab and will want to click on the tab labeled "User Shared" to view all of the user created/shared workout routines.



Once on this page you will navigate through all of the routines that are within the list and select a routine that you will want to download.



Click on a routine and then on the routine detail page you will look for the blue button that states "Download" to then download the routine to your routine manager.

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