How Do I Set Up A Default Routine

Android Application

On the Android application, to set a routine that you have downloaded into your profile you will want to click on the top left navigational slider menu and then click on the tab labeled "Workout Plans"




Once you are under the My-Plans tab you will scroll until you find the workout routine that you would like to set as your default and click the button labeled "Set as Default" underneath the routine name



Setting the routine as your default will make this your go-to workout that will open up as soon as you click on the "Workout" tab from the main profile page.




To set up a default workout routine on the JEFIT Website, you will want to log into your My-JEFIT profile.

Once logged into your profile you will then click the "My-Routines" button on the left panel to be taken to your routines page.

On your routine page you will click on the "Routine Manager" tab to view the various workout routines that you have stored within your account



Clicking on the routine you would like to set as your default, you will scroll down until you view the button labeled "Set As Default" to set that specific routine as your default routine.

After you will then open up the JEFIT Application so that the routine will be set as your default on the application.

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