How Do I Compare Stats With Friends?

In the most recent changes made to the JEFIT Elite Service we have included the new Compare w/ Friendfeature.

On this page you will be able to compare your training stats with any of your friends that you have added on JEFIT.

You will be able to compare : 

  • Total Workout Summaries
  • Training Breakdowns
  • Total Weight Lifted
  • Total Session Time
  • Total Lifting Intensity
  • Number of Exercises Performed
  • Number of Records Broken
  • Benchmark Exercise Progress
  • Favorite Exercise Progress
  • Body Stat Progress
  • Body Stat Goal Progress
  • Before and After Picture Progress
  • Profile Insight



To compare your stats with your friend, you will navigate to the Training Reports page and click on the "Compare Stats" button.

On this page you will then click on the "Select a Friend" button to choose from the friends that you have on JEFIT.

After selecting your friend, the page will adjust to show your stats on the left side of the page and your friends on the right side of the page.

Using the top navigation/selection options, you will be able to adjust the time period of how your stats will display

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