How Can I Create Custom Exercises?

iPhone / iOS

You are able to create a custom exercise for the ones that aren't currently available within the built-in database.

Opening up JEFIT you will want to click on the main slider menu and then on the "exercise list" tab button to be brought to the body part selection page.




After which you will click the "All" button to view the entire exercise database. While on this page you will notice 2 buttons on exercise list that are for the custom exercise database and search option.



By clicking on the custom database, you will enter and view the custom exercises that are currently within your application.




Once on this page you will look for the rectangular box with a plus sign above it, which represents the exercise creation feature.

This will allow you to create a custom exercise (exercise details, information, descriptions and more) for the one that isn't currently available within the built-in database.


Then you may add this exercise into your current routine and start recording stats and tracking your progress for the workout you have just created.






Opening up JEFIT you will want to click on the "Exercises" button located at the top right hand corner of your main home screen.



On the main exercise page you will select a muscle group or click all to go to the exercise list page.

Once on the exercise list page, on the top right hand corner of the screen you will notice the "custom" text, which will redirect you to the custom exercise database.




After being brought to the custom exercise database page, you will notice a list of all of the exercises that aren't currently within the JEFIT Built-In Database, either ones created by yourself or ones pre-loaded by the application.

Look to the top right corner of the screen and you will notice the "add" icon and by clicking on this icon you will be able to create your own custom exercise.

Save this exercise and you will be able to use it within the application to track your progress and stats.







You are also able to create custom exercises via the JEFIT Website from your My-JEFIT Profile Page

Once you have logged in your My-JEFIT Account, you will click the "My Custom Exercises" button on the left panel underneath your profile picture.



By clicking on this button you will be taken your Custom Exercises page of all of the custom exercises that you have created/stored within your account.

There will be a table at the top of the page labeled "Create Custom Exercise", which will allow you to create the custom exercises that currently aren't within the built in exercise database.

Upon completing the creation of your custom exercise you will click create exercise and this will create the custom exercise within your own personal database.

You can send these exercises to your application by opening up the JEFIT Application and clicking "Sync" which will send the exercises to the custom exercise database within your app.


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