How To Calculate Body Fat?

JEFIT now provides the ability to calculate your body fat through measurements taken from the use of a caliper.

How to calculate body fat: 

  • Open the JEFIT iOS app, go to the "PROFILE" section located at the lower bottom corner and click the arrow right below your username. 


  • From here, click the "body stats" button. 


  •  This brings a new page where you will be able to edit your body fat.
    • By clicking on this icon you will open up the Body Fat calculations pop up menu. 


  • On this new menu, you will be able to select between 4 different measurements options for JEFIT to generate your body fat calculations.
    • 2 - Site Skinfold
    • 3 - Site Skinfold
    • 4 - Site Skinfold
    • 7 - Site Skinfold 


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    Hi there! Can you please explain how to use the 7-site fat calculation? Thanks a lot!

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