How Do I Search For Exercises?

By using the search functionality for the exercise database, you will be able to locate the workouts you desire to perform with your current workout routine. 

  • On this page, you will be able to select the muscle group and equipment you would like to base your search off of to make your searches more simplified.  

  • Open the JEFIT app and click on the button labeled "Exercises" on your profile page to take you to the exercise library.
  • Once on the Exercise Library page, you will select a muscle group that you would like to search exercises for and you will be brought to the exercise list for the muscle group chosen. 

  • On the exercise list page, you will notice a magnifying glass icon or "search" icon which will open another page full of search options. 

  • Enter your keyword for the exercise you are searching for and then click on the "search" icon again to initiate the search for the exercise or exercises that meet the search qualifications. 
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