How Do I Set Up Favorite Tracking/Custom Benchmarks?

Want to track exercises aside from the benchmark exercises?

You are now able to view the progress for custom benchmark exercises that you select.

This functionality ties into the "Favorite Exercise" feature in which when you select an exercise as your favorite exercise, the custom tracking list will adjust to the exercises that you star. 


  • First you will want to click "Exercise" button at the bottom of your profile page to take you to the exercises database.
  • From here you will navigate through the exercise database until you locate an exercise that you would like to set up as your favorite exercise.


  • On the exercise detail page, you will then want to click on the star icon to set this exercise as one of your favorite workouts. 


  • By setting up the workout as one of your favorites, this exercise will be added to your favorite tracking list in which you will be able to track your workout progress.

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