How Do I Copy An Exercise/Routine/Exercise Day?

With the JEFIT app, copying your exercises/routine is made easy.

    • Note: This feature is only available for Pro and Elite. 

      Please know that you are able to duplicate an exercise within an exercise day, duplicate an exercise day and duplicate a routine but unfortunately at this time you cannot duplicate an exercise from one day to another.

  • First you will want to open up the app, click on the "Workout" button at the bottom of the screen to open up your current routine

  • On this page you will select an exercise day that you would like to duplicate the exercises within that routine.


  • Select the exercise you would like to duplicate. 
  • Slide your exercise to the left. 
  • Select the "Duplicate" icon to initiate the duplication or copy mode to duplicate the exercises within that workout day. 
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