How Do I Copy A Routine?

With the JEFIT app, copying your Routines is made easy.

    • Note: This feature is only available for Pro and Elite
  • First you will want to open up the app, click on the "Workout" button at the bottom of the screen to open up the Workout page. 
  • Open the Routine's page by clicking on the "Four Square" icon from the upper left hand. 


  • Select the Routine you wish to copy/duplicate. 
  • Slide your routine to the left. 
  • Select the "Duplicate/Copy" button. 


  • By clicking on this button you will initiate the editing of your workout routines stored within your routine manager along with the ability to duplicate any of the routines stored within your account.
  • Once you have duplicated the routine, a second routine with the same name will appear on your routine manager screen with the program containing the same exercise days, details and exercises as the one you have copied it from.  
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