How Do I Download More Routines?

Want to download more routines instantly into your routine manager page?

You are able to connect with the routine database via the app and download from over 60+ JEFIT Team and 1000+ user created workout routines.

  • First you will want to click on the tab labeled "Workout" from the bottom of the screen.

JEFIT Team Routines 


  • Once you are on the "Download Routines" page, you will then be able to scroll through a list of all of the JEFIT Team created workout routines available to download into your app.
  • Select which routine you wish to download then click the "Download" button. 


We also have User Shared Routines from the selections. These routines were submitted by our JEFIT members who wishes to share their routines to the JEFIT community. 

User Shared Routines


  • Select the routine you wish to download and select "Download."


  • The app will then connect to the database and download this routine into your account and placed into your routine manager page.
  • You will then be able to return to your routine manager page and set the routine as your default if you would like to perform that routine right away.
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