How Do I Add a Workout Plan/Routine?

You are able to connect with the routine database via the app and download from over 60+ JEFIT Team and 1000+ user created workout routines.

  • First you will want to click on the tab labeled "Workout" from the bottom of the screen.
  • On the Workout page, select "Find a Workout"
    • Which leads you to three selections: 
      • My Plans
      • Featured 
      • User Shared


  • You can either select Featured or User Shared 
    • Featured are JEFIT official Shared Routines
    • User Shared are routines shared by JEFIT members which also stores a huge variety of routines and selections. 
  • Once you have selected which selection best suits you, you will be redirected to a page where it'll show you category sets accordingly to body building goals.   

  • Once you have selected, it'll bring you to the Routines page and from there you can select which Routines you wish to add to your account. . 


  • Select which exercises you want to add and click the Select Plan button. 
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