How Do I Edit My Profile Settings?

Need to change any of your profile settings?

You can manually change some profile settings for your account through the website and app.



On the website after logging into your account, you will scroll over your username and click on the button labeled "Settings"


Once under the "profile / app" tab, you will be able to change your date of birth, units of measurement, gender along with the ability to force synchronize your data or clear your training logs

After saving your settings you will synchronize with your application to make sure the changes have been sent to your app.




iPhone Application

When updating your profile settings on the applications, you will open up JEFIT, click on the main slider navigational menu and then click on the "Settings" tab.


From the settings page you will be able to edit the Gender, your birth date and privacy settings for the account you are currently using on the app.




Android Application


First you will want to click on the slider menu at the top left corner of the screen and click on the "Settings" button.

Once on the settings page you will notice the first section will state "Profile Settings" and from here you will be able to edit your profile settings



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