How Do I Update My Training Stats?

If you are looking to update your training stats, you can update this data by recording your workouts from either your default routine or from the logs page through manual log creation. 

Recording Logs From A Workout

When updating and recording logs from your workout, you will open up JEFIT and click on the "Workout" button from your main profile page

Then you will select the exercise day that you are going to perform, click on an exercise and begin your workout tracking.

After which you will be taken to the "Weight / Rep Recording Page" where you will be able to record your workout logs and in turn update your training stats


Once you have completed your workout routine, your training stats will be updated within your logs page as well as your training reports page.



Manual Log Creation

You are able to manually update and create training stats for the benchmark exercises as well as every other exercising within the data via the logs page.

When on the logs page you will select a day and select training logs. From there you will be able to "Add Logs" by selecting exercises either from the built in or custom database as well as the current routine that you are using.


JEFIT will then allow you to start recording logs manually without having to enter the Weight / Rep Recording Page


After you have recorded your logs, your training stats for any and all exercises that you have tracked will be updated.




Workout on the Fly 


First you will want click on the "Exercises" tab located at the top right corner of your home page.



You will be taken to the exercise body part selection page. From here you will click on the body part that you will like to view exercises for.




On the exercise list page you will notice the green dumbbell and play button at the bottom right corner of the screen to initiate the workout on the fly feature.




After selecting an exercise from the database, the weight/rep recording page will open up, then you will be able to record workout logs and utilize the resting timer until your workout is complete.

Just like performing a basic workout routine, the application will initiate the workout session functionality, thus tracking your entire workout and providing you with a summary at the end of your workout.

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