How Do I Correct / Edit My Logs?

Made some incorrect recordings or want to change up logs that you have just created?

You are easily able to edit and change up any logs that you have created through the logs page

When opening up JEFIT, you will want to click the "Logs" tab from the main slider navigation to be brought to your calendar view for all of the logs/stats that you have recorded using the application.


Once on this page you will select the exercise day that you would like to edit logs. While viewing all of the data and logs that you have recorded for the exercises in that day, you will click on the workout you would like to edit and you will be taken to the "Quick Edit Logs" page.


On this page you will be able to edit the logs for the given exercise that you have selected from the list.

When finished editing your logs you will click on the "Save" / Floppy Disk button to store the selected changes that you have just made.

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