Can I Copy A Workout Routine?

Want to easily duplicate your routines and exercise days?

JEFIT allows for users to copy and duplicate routines that they have created/downloaded along with duplicating the exercise days within the routines. 

This duplication allows for easier ability to form and create new routines from pre-existing ones.



Copy and Duplicate Routine - iPhone

To copy and duplicate routines that are currently in your routine manager page, you will open up the application and click on the "Workout Plan" tab from the main navigational slider menu or from your Home Profile Page.

Once on the Routine Manager page, you will click on "My Plans" tab, then will want to locate the dual pages icon, which represents the duplication option for you to copy and duplicate a routine.

Click on this button and you will have the ability to duplicate any routine currently stored within the routine manager page.







Copy and Duplicate Routine - Android

First you will want to click on slider navigational button on the top left hand corner of the screen and then click the "Workout Plans" tab which will bring you to the routine manager page.

Once on the routine manager page, you will notice the three dot or "Edit" icon at the right side above the routine name

After clicking on the "Edit" button, you will then notice three options "Delete, Edit and Copy" and click on the copy button

Once you have duplicated the routine, a second routine with the same name will appear on your routine manager screen with the program containing the same exercise days, details and exercises as the one you have copied it from.

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