How Do I Search For Exercises?

There are over 1300 exercises currently within the built-in exercise database, being able to use the search function allows you to find the workouts you are looking for that you can perform with your routine.


When using the search function on the website, you will click on the exercises tab on the top navigation of the page.

Once on the main exercise page, you will look at the left panel of the page until you notice the exercise search section.

From here you will be able to specify which equipment the exercises use, the type of workout it is, the difficulty of the exercise and the keyword of the workout that you are looking for.



After you have selected the specifications for your search in the database, the website will generate a list of the exercises that suite your match and you will be able to record logs, add these workouts into your routine and track your progress for those exercises.




Using the applications you will click on the "Exercise" tab on the bottom of your profile page screen


Then on the body part selection page, you will click on the "All" button to view all of the exercises within built-in database.

While on the all exercises list, you will then click on the search icon to navigate to the search feature to search through all of the workouts currently within the database.




On the search page, you will be able to specify how you want to search the database for the exercises that you want to perform with the app.

You are able to select which type of equipment each exercise require, the muscle group that they are part of and the actual name or keyword to the exercise name.



After specifying your search options, the application will generate a list of the exercises that match your search specifics and you will be able to add these exercises into your workout routine.

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