How Do I Change My Account/Profile Privacy Settings?








When changing your online profile privacy settings you will want to log into your account on the JEFIT Website or go to this link: 

  • Once in the main hub of your profile page, you will want to navigate to the top right panel until you see the link that states your username, highlight over your username until you see the section labeled "Settings".
  • Look for the Notification/Privacy Tab and click it. 


  • On the privacy settings page, you will be able to customize the type of privacy that you would like to set for your JEFIT Account.

You will be able to give access to your training stats, body stats, progress pictures and so forth either to:

  • Everyone
  • JEFIT Members ONLY
  • Friends ONLY
  • Yourself ONLY
  • Or customize who can see what from your profile

Once you have selected your privacy settings, click "Save" and your settings will be changed for the account. 

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