How Do I Update My Body Stats?


When updating your body stats on the website, you have various ways and options to record new body stats or update pre-existing stats that you have logged.

One of the first options that you have is logging into your My-JEFIT account and on the main hub of your profile page you will notice a button that states "Add Body Stats" just below the update status box.

Clicking on this button will navigate you to the logs page where you will be able to update your current stats.


Also from your main My-JEFIT hub, by clicking on the "Body Stats" tab on the top of the page, you will be brought to your overall body stats panel to view your current progress.

On this page you will notice above the circular body fat graph, a button that states "Update Body Stats".

By clicking on this button you will be re-directed to the logs page where you can update your body stats for the current day.



You may also edit your current body stats from the logs page by using the "My-Logs" on the left panel of your JEFIT Profile Page, then select the day you want to edit logs for. When on this page you will want to click on the edit button on the bottom right of the screen to edit the logs recorded on that specific day






Via the application you will want to click on the "Home" button from the main slider navigation.

iPhone : On the iPhone you will want to click on the tab labeled "Body Stats" then on the second button to update your body stats.

Android : With the Android application you will want to click on the top left corner sliding menu and then click on body stat update button at the top right hand corner of the menu to be taken to your Body Stat Progress page

On this page you will look for the update body stats button, which has been show below, to be able to record your body stats for the current day.


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