How Does JEFIT Calculate My 1RM?

You are probably wondering how JEFIT calculates and generates a 1RM for each of the exercises that you have performed within your current workout routine.

When tracking your workout stats and logs, you will notice through your progression of recording logs that you will reach and set new 1RM's.

By recording your logs, JEFIT will take the data that you have recorded and integrate it with an algorithm that will calculate a new 1RM.

Based upon the weight that you have lifted along with how many reps you have performed for that weight, JEFIT will use this algorithm, plug in the data and generate a new 1RM for the exercise you have performed.

You will be able to view a list of how many reps you can perform for a specific weight of an exercise with the "Beat It" feature.




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    Michael Sammler

    How does this work different between the free version and the one time pay pro version? It is a super helpful chart.

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