How Do I View My Progress Graphs?

With recording your logs and stats with JEFIT, you are also able to view your progress graphs for the 1RM and Total Volume of each exercise.

To view your 1RM and Total Volume progress, you will want to open up JEFIT and click on the "Exercise" button from the home screen.

On the main exercise page, you will search through the database for the exercises that you have recorded logs for and want to view your 1RM and Total Volume Graphs for.


Total Volume

By clicking on the button shown below, you will be able to view the Total Volume Chart for the exercises selected.


One Rep Maximum

On the page there will be another chart icon that will display the 1RM or One Repetition Max graph for your 1RM progression for the exercise selected.





On the website you are able to view the 1RM progress chart for the exercises that you have performed in your workout routine. 

To view these logs you will log into your My-JEFIT Profile Page and on your main hub you will click on the "Exercises" tab on the top navigation.

Once on the main exercises page, you will search for the exercise you want to view the graphs for.

From the exercise detail page you will look the right side of the page till you see the button "Track My Progress" to take you to the progress graphs for the exercise.

With the website graph you are able to distinguish and select the length of graph shown depending on the dates you choose.

You are also able to see your stat changes and progression for the exercise performed along with all of the logs that you have recorded.

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