How Do I Re-Download Exercise Images?

Have you lost your exercise images or some of the exercises images in the database not loading?

You can easily re-download the exercise images via the "Settings Page" so that you are able to have the proper images for the workouts within the exercise database.  

iPhone / iOS Application

When using JEFIT for the iPhone, you will click on the slider navigation at the top left corner of the screen and then click on the "Settings" tab to open up the preferences page.


On the preferences page you will scroll down until you see the section that states "Exercise Images"

In this section you will want to click the red button that states "Delete Image Cache" so that you can delete the current exercise images within your application (whether certain ones aren't loading or there is an error occurring with the images)

After the cache has been deleted, you will click the green button that states "Re-Download Exercise Images" so that you can start re-downloading the images back into your phone to use with JEFIT. Make sure for those who have limited data usage to connect with WiFi as it is a 50mb download for the images.


Once the images have been downloaded, you may start using JEFIT and viewing the exercise detail pages with the correct images in place for the exercises you are performing. 

Android Application

Opening the application you will click on the main slider navigation and select the "Settings" tab. 


Once on the settings page you will scroll down to the bottom of the page until you notice the section labeled "Exercise Images".

From here you will either click on the "Re-Download Exercise Images" or "Delete Image Cache"

  • Re-Download Exercise Images - If you haven't downloaded the exercise images or don't have any within your application, you will click on this button to re-download the images into your app.
  • Delete Image Cache - This will delete any corrupt or current images that you have within your account, allowing you to go and re-download all of the images without any issues. 

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