How Do I View My Workout Summary?

Want to view your workout summary progress as you perform your workout routine?

During your workout, you are now able to view your workout summary mid-workout to see how well you are currently progressing through your routine.

Here's how to view your workout summary:

  • Open the JEFIT app and click on the "Start Workout" button, begin the exercise day and start the workout session for that day. 


  • On the exercise list page, after starting your workout session, you will notice 2 buttons with one stating "end" and another stating "session info"
  • By clicking on the "session info" button, JEFIT will generate a workout summary based upon the logs that you have recorded up to that point.
  • Clicking the "end" button, you will end the current session you are performing and you will receive the workout session from the routine you have just completed. 

save.png saveandshare.png

  • This will allow you to see how you are currently doing with the workout that you are performing and give you the motivation to keep at the pace you are training or even pick it up to increase your intensity for your workout.
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