What is the Training Snapshot?

The Training Snapshot page is where JEFIT are able to view their "Weight Lifted Over Time" and "Bodypart Breakdown" over the last 2 weeks of workout logs that they have recorded.




Weight Lifted Over Time

From your last 2 weeks of training and recording workout logs, JEFIT will be able to show you the total amount of weight that you have lifted for each workout that you have performed.

This total will display in the form of a green bar graph with the weight total just above the bar.






Bodypart Breakdown

The bodyparts breakdown section is gives you a percentage breakdown of how you have been training each body part during your previous 2 weeks of workouts.

As you record workouts either with your pre-set workout routine, workouts on the fly or through the logs page, JEFIT will take this data and generate what percentage of your training you have delegated to each body part.

Underneath each bodypart percentages, you will also be able to view the total amount of your training you have spent doing cardio and how many cardio exercises you have performed in the last 2 weeks.


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