How Do I Copy An Exercise Within An Exercise Day?

You may also duplicate exercises that are within an exercise day of a routine.

First you will want to open up the app, click on the workout tab and then select an exercise day that you would like to perform.

After selecting an exercise day you will be taken to your planned exercise list for all of the exercises within said exercise day.


Once on the exercise list page you will notice three dots next to each exercise, you will want to click on these three dots.

By clicking on these three dots you will be able to either select link/unlink for super sets or duplicate the current exercise.


After initiating the duplication function, you will duplicate this and as many exercises as you would like to fill out your workout routine.

Once you have finished you will click on the first exercise or play button to start the workout routine, reorder the exercises or adjust the reps/sets/timer any way that you would like for the exercise day.

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