Can I Manually Create Logs Without Having A Routine?

Don't have a workout routine but you still want to create workout logs for the exercises within the exercise database.

With JEFIT you are indeed able to manually create exercise logs for individual exercises without having to add them to your workout routine or even having a default workout routine.


  • With the new "Workout on the Fly" feature, users are now able to record workouts and have their workout session tracked without following a pre-set routine.

  • click the "Exercise" tab from your main home profile page. 

  • You will be taken to the main body parts selection page where you will select a body part and then be able to view all of the current exercises within the exercise database.


7.jpg 6.jpg


  • Upon selecting a body part and viewing the list of exercises you will notice a green dumbbell and triangle icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. This is the Workout on the Fly button to initiate the feature.

  •  By clicking on this button you will initiate the workout on the fly feature and then once you click on an exercise you will be taken to the weight/rep recording page to start recording logs for the exercise you have selected.



  • Open up the "Exercises" page from the home screen.

  • Once in the main exercise menu, locate the exercise that you would like to manually create exercise logs for.

  • On the exercise detail page for the exercise, Look for the "Logs" icon. 

  • This will redirect you to a page where you will be able to manually create workout logs for the select exercise, adding in additional sets and rep for the workout being performed.




  • Open up JEFIT, click on the slider navigational button on the top left hand corner of the screen and then select the "Logs" tab.

  • Once on the calendar page, you will select the date that you will want to record these exercise logs on.



  • By clicking the plus icon, you will be taken to the log creation page where you can choose an exercise either from:
  • The built in exercise database
  • From the default routine that you have set for JEFIT 
  • From the custom exercise database

Once you have selected the exercise, JEFIT will generate text boxes in which you will be able to manually input logs/data for the select exercise along with using a quick timer to track your rest timer in between sets.

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