How Do I View My Progress Graphs?

After recording your logs and workout data with the application, you are able to view the progress graphs for your One Rep Maximum and Total Volume of Weight Lifted.

To view your progression charts you will open the Exercise Database page by clicking on the "Exercises" button at the bottom of the screen

One on the body part selection page you will locate the body part you will select an exercise on and then click on the exercise for the graphs that you would like to view.

Once on the exercise detail page you will notice a graph icon at right side of the button panel on the screen.

By clicking on the button you will be re-directed to a graph to view both your 1RM, Total Volume Progress charts and stats related to both graphs.

One Rep Max - Exercise Detail Page

By clicking on the 1st button at the top right of the exercise detail page, JEFIT will generate a graph from your previous recordings of your One Rep Max. You will be able to view your progression from the first time you recorded your 1RM up until your last 1RM.


Total Volume Chart - Exercise Detail Page

With the 2nd Button, by clicking on this icon, JEFIT will generate a graph for the progression of total volume lifted for that specific exercise.





One Rep Max - Resting Timer Page

On the resting timer page after completing a set for an exercise from the Weight/Rep Recording Page, you will notice the same chart icon at the bottom left hand corner of the page.




Clicking on this button will open up the progress charts and you will want to click on the first icon to view your 1RM progress for that select exercise.



Total Volume - Resting Timer Page

On the same resting timer page, you will want to click on the charts icon at the bottom left hand corner to open up your progress charts page.




On the progress charts page you will want to click on the 2nd icon to be able to view your Total Volume charts for the exercise you have selected.

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