What Are Target Reps?

Target reps are the values of reps that you would like to achieve for all of the exercises that you perform within your workout routines.

When performing exercises via the "Weight / Rep Recording" page, the application will preload your reps based upon the last logs that you have performed them or the Target Reps that you have set via the preferences page.

So when opening up JEFIT you will want to click on the slider navigational button on the top left corner of the screen then click on the "Settings" Tab


Once on the settings page, you will scroll down to the bottom of the page until you reach the section that states "Exercise Default Values".

In this section you will be able to set the target reps that you would like to perform for each exercise within your routine.

With any value that you set as your target reps, JEFIT will pre-load the reps for each exercise to that value that you have selected.


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