How Do I Favorite An Exercise?

JEFIT Members are now able to choose from various exercises within the database and set them us as their "Favorite" exercise

What you will want to do is open up the Exercise Library page from the "Exercises" tab located at the top right of the navigational panel.




Navigate through the exercise database until you have found the exercise that you would like to select and make as one of your "Favorites"

As you will notice on the exercise detail page, there is a "star" icon right next to the exercise name. By clicking on and selecting this star, you will be marking down this exercise as your favorite.




After clicking on the star, the icon will be highlighted, notifying you that you have selected this exercise as one of your favorites and it will show up in the favorites panel within the exercise library.




By making an exercise a "favorite" you are also able to track your progress and stats for this exercise as one of your custom benchmarks.

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