If I Manually Enter My Logs, Will My Graphs Update?

The graphs for the training reports page differenciate for those who record their workouts via the "Workout Session" or manually record their logs through the logs page.

For those who create/record logs through the "My-Logs" on the website or "Logs" section from the application, only the Weight Graph and the Exercises Completed graphs will be updated in accordance to your workout logs.



The other graphs are changed and updated for those who use the workout summary functionality from the "Routines / Begin Workout" page from the main menu of JEFIT. This option takes use of the workout session tracking feature which is able to calculate how long your workout was, your intensity, any records broken and more.

We recommend for users who want to populate and view data for all of their graphs, that they use the workout session tracking feaure provided by the routines page of the app so that all of your data will be populated within the graphs.

We are though working on a feature on the website for ELITE members only, for the user to create a workout summary of their own to help populate some of the data in the training report graphs.

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