How Does My Bodypart Distribution Change?

One of the features of viewing your training reports with JEFIT Elite, is the body part distribution. 

Right now the body part distribution section within the Training Reports page is based upon how many times you have performed a certain body part. So when you open up the page you will be able to see which body part you have performed more and how many times it has been performed during that time period you have selected (either month, year, etc...) 

Having the amount of weight performed in this section would be extremely beneficial and would be helpful for users who want to see how much weight lifted for each body part based upon how many times they have performed that exercise.

This section of your training reports lets you know how and what percentage of your training has been delegated to each body part

  • On the training reports page,, you will notice a table section labeled "Training Breakdown" 


You are able to receive feedback based upon your:

  • Daily Reports

  • Weekly Reports

  • Monthly Reports

  • Last 14 to 30 days or 3 to 6 months 

  • Selecting the month of your choice

  • Choosing your date via the scroll options


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