How Do I Set Up Pyramid Sets? (Website)

Not only that you are able to create Pyramid Sets via the app, but you can also do it in the website. 


  • Once you have chosen an exercise day that you would like to edit you will then select the "Edit" button next to the day name followed by clicking the blue edit button on the following page to enter the "Edit Reps/Sets and Timer" page. 



  • From there you will click within the text fields to edit the values for what you would like your reps, sets and timer to be for the exercises within your workout routine/exercise day.
    • For example if you are performing a pyramid set with 6 sets, you will click within the reps text field and enter in your rep values as such "12, 10, 8, 8 ,10, 12", all in that order WITH the commas (Don't forget the commas as the application will not be able to read the values you want for each set in the pyramid). 

  • Following setting up all of your values and data for the pyramid sets, you will click the save button  and the structure you have set up will be saved.


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    michael hornidge

    I tried this on my android device. Unfortunately I am unable to enter commas into the sets field. If anybody else has found a solution to this problem please let me know.

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