How Do I Complete A Goal?

To complete a goal you will need to update your current body stats (if you are trying to achieve a body stat goal) or continue progressing with your training stats.

Body Stats

Depending on if you are looking to gain size or lose weight, you will set your body stat goals via the stat page.

With each update to your body stats, your progress bars will adjust with these new recordings.

When you achieve a new body stat goal, JEFIT will post an achievement image on your news feed and congratulate you on reaching your goal.

You will then be able to go back into the website or app and set a new goal for yourself to try to accomplish and reach.

Training Stats

By recording your training stats and increasing the weight you are performing for the exercises with set goals, JEFIT will adjust your stats and will bring you closer to the goal that you are trying to achieve.

Once you have achieve a new training stat, JEFIT will pop up with an accomplishment/achievement message congratulating you on reaching and breaking past your goal set and reaching a maximum.

You will then be able to go and set a new goal for yourself, striving to reach and break past the new objective.

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