I Switched To A New Device, Do I Have To Repurchase JEFIT Pro?

If you have switched from an Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android this topic relates to you.



With the Android application, your purchase of JEFIT Pro is linked to your JEFIT Account

So instead of having to repurchase the application, you will have your Pro purchase linked to your account and will only have to re-log into your JEFIT Profile to get access to your pro features.



We regret to inform you that you would indeed need to repurchase the JEFIT Pro Application for the iPhone as they are separate products for separate devices.

(We are working on bringing the application tying into your username in our next iPhone/iOS update which then you will not have to repurchase the application)

We do have a Free application that you can download and try out.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience but you would indeed have to repurchase the application for your new device.

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