If I Upgrade From Free To Pro Will I Lose My Data?

Update: Pro (app) has been discontinued however our users can still use their Pro subscriptions using the JEFIT Free app. 

First off we would like to thank you for your support and interest in upgrading your account from JEFIT Free to JEFIT Pro.

In regards to losing any data, logs or routines that you have created, you will NOT lose any of your data.

When you first create an account and synchronize your stats to the database, your information will be stored in the JEFIT Server. Any and all data that you have recorded will be permanently stored within the database.

So when upgrading from Free to Pro, first you will want to make sure that all of your data and stats have been synchronized to the database from your free account.

After all of your data has been synchronized, you will open your Pro App, log into your account and JEFIT will automatically synchronize to the database, pulling all of the stats/logs from the server and uploading them into the pro app.

You will be able to start right where you left off using JEFIT Free.

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