What Features Come With JEFIT Pro?

Compared to the free version of JEFIT, pro contains more features and functionalities that aren't currently accessible to free users.

By purchasing the pro application you gain access to these additional features that only paid members are able to use.


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  • 1RM (One Repetition Maximum) Progress Charts

  • Total Volume Progress Charts

  • Download Progress Photos from Website to Application

  • Individual Logs for Exercises

  • Copy and Paste Routines

  • Cardio Charts and Tracking

  • Set Goals for Exercises and Stats

  • Downloading Pictures from the Server

  • Unlimited Sync Storage Capacity

  • 20 Routine Storing Capacity

  • 1000 Exercise Creation Limit 

With each update to the applications, we will be adding in new functionalities, with the best features being reserved to our Pro / Paid users.

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