How Do I Synchronize My Accounts?

When using the JEFIT app and synchronizing your workout logs to the web data server, it is quite simple. And with this feature, you won't have to worry about your logs anymore. Recovering your logs is now very easy once your logs are backed up to the web server. 

Follow the steps below for both Android and iOS apps.  


  • Log-in to your account using the JEFIT android app.

  • Go to the "Settings" menu by clicking the menu icon on the upper left of the screen. 

  • Locate the synchronize button which is right below your username and click it to start synchronizing your logs. 


  • Log-in to your account using the JEFIT iOS app.

  • Find the "Me" button located at the lower bottom right of the screen.

  • On the upper right hand of the page, look for the cloud-like icon and click it. It should automatically synchronize your logs to the web server. 

Note: This will synchronize any of your logs, routines, stats and data that you have recorded using JEFIT with the server and into your online profile. 


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