How Can I Share A Workout Routine?

You have a workout routine that you want to share with the JEFIT Community?

That is fantastic to hear and we would love for you to share your routine with your fellow members.

To share your workout routine you need to first make sure that you are a JEFIT Member for at least 30 days, as those members who have been using our app for 30 days are able to share their routines publicly on the database.

If you are indeed a 30 day user of JEFIT, you will then log into your profile and navigate to your routine manager page,

Or log into your My-JEFIT profile page and click the "My-Routines" button on the left panel.

From your My-Routines page you will be able to click on the "Share to Public Routines Database" or "Share with Friends" to share your current routine.

You can also share routines from your routine manager tab, by clicking on the Routine Manager tab and then selecting a routine that you would like to share with your friend/the JEFIT Community.

Once you found the workout that you want to share on the routine database, you will click on the name and be redirected to the routine detail page.



Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the button that states "Share to Public Routine Database"

You will be prompted to confirm that this routine doesn't contain any copyrights or plagiarism and is of your own creation.

(The JEFIT Team WILL review the routine that you have submitted to confirm that this workout is of original content before the routine is actually published on the database, if it doesn't meet standards and qualifications from the JEFIT Team, your routine will be subjected to decline). 

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