How Do I Accept / Decline A Friend Request?

You have received a friend request and you want to accept it?

It is actually is quite simple to access your friend requests on the JEFIT Website along with the applications.



On the website you will first want to log into your My-JEFIT Profile page.

After logging in you will look at the top right hand corner of the screen looking for the friends icon. If you have a pending friend request, there will be a number next to the icon.


You will then click on the icon and be brought to the friends page where you can view all of your friends, view all of your incoming friend requests and searching for friends that are on JEFIT.

Then you will click the second tab that states "Incoming Requests" and you will then be able to either Accept or Decline the friend request that has been sent to you.





With the applications, you will want to click on the "Friends" button, bringing you to your main friends hub


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