Can I Edit My Workout Summaries?

Users are now able to edit the workout summaries that they record via the JEFIT Website or JEFIT Application.

After recording a workout, you will be given a workout summary for what you have just performed.

To edit your workout summary you will log into the JEFIT Website with your account that you used to record the workout.

Once on your profile page you will click on My-Logs from the left panel or go to this link,

On this page you will select the day with the workout summary that you would like to edit.




From here, on the Session Summary table you will notice 3 buttons to the right of the "Share With Facebook" button labeled "Print, +Add and Edit"

By clicking on "Edit" you will open up the option to edit the workout summary that you have just recorded.

The options that you can change are :

  • Workout Start
  • Workout End
  • Workout Length
  • Rest Length




After changing the workout summary options, you will click the "Save" icon at the top right of the Session Summary table to save the changes made.

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