How Can I View My Friend's Progress?

While using JEFIT you are able to view your friend's progress and stats easily.

To view your friends progress you have 2 various ways to track their stats and workout logs.

1.) Via the News Feed

On the news feed of your main My-JEFIT Profile Page, you will be able to scroll through the entire news feed until you find the friend who you want to view their profile.

Once you find their username, you will be able to click on their name and be redirected to their public profile page.

From their public profile page you will be able to see their latest news feed, body stats, training stats, a bit about your friend, their current workout routine and able to view through their logs that they have created/recorded (all depending on what their privacy settings are for their account)

2.) Find Their Profile via Friend's Search Page

If you haven't added your friend as a connection on the website, you can search for your friend via the "Search Friends" page

Once you have found your friend, you will be able to click on their username to view their public profile page and stats.

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