Can I Create More Photo Albums?

Along with progress pictures, you are able to create multiple photo albums to store other pictures that you would like to upload into your JEFIT Profile.

First you will log into your My-JEFIT Account on the website, then click on the "Progress Pictures" tab on your profile navigation. 

After clicking on the progress pictures tab, you will scroll down until you see the "Edit" button on the progress pictures header above all of the progress pictures that you have uploaded into your account.

You will then be redirected to the progress pictures album list for all of the progress pictures that you have uploaded for JEFIT.

On this page you will then look at the top left of the screen where you will see the link called "Album List".

By clicking on this link you will be taken to your entire album list for all of the picture albums that you have created or have as part of your account.

Once you are on the full album list page, you will see a button on the top right corner of the page that states "Create New Album" and by clicking on this button you will be able to create a new picture album.

When creating a new album you will be able to title the album, add in your own description for the album being viewed as well as the privacy settings for those who can view your pictures.

After you have created the album you will be able to then start uploading pictures into this photo album, which in the process helps you manage and store your progress or miscellaneous pictures in your account.

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