I Have Replaced My Device, How Do I Retrieve My Previous JEFIT Pro Purchase?

In terms of being able to download the JEFIT Workout Application once again, when you purchase and download the JEFIT Pro Application, you have unlimited amount of downloads for the app.


As long as you are able to log into your Android Market Account or iTunes App Store Account via your new phone you should be able to download it over again without any issue as the purchase is linked to the Android Market/iTunes Account that it was downloaded from.




For Android Users

Previously you would need to re-log into the Google Play or Amazon App Store to get access to your Pro purchase of the application.


Now your purchase of JEFIT Pro is linked to your JEFIT Account so anytime that you log into JEFIT on your current device, new device or any other Android device you will have access to your Pro account and the features provided by JEFIT Pro.


If you experience any issues at all please email us at support@jefit.com and we will gladly assist you with the matter at hand.




For iPhone/iOS Users

When logging into the iTunes App Store, you will want to log into the account that you have previously used to download the JEFIT Pro Workout Application. 


After logging into your account, you will want to look for "JEFIT Pro" in the iTunes App Search Navigational Section. Once the application is found you should be able to click the button that states "Install", enter in your iTunes information in again to re-download the application and our iPhone/iOS device should re-install JEFIT Pro. 


After the download has finished you will open up the JEFIT App and then log back into your account and re-synchronize your data.

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    Andy Rivera Solo

    It does not allow me to download pro again

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