How Do I Take Progress Pictures?

To take progress pictures you can either upload progress pictures to your account via the website or quickly upload images that you take through using the application.


With the progress pictures that you have either taken with your computer camera or phone, you can upload these images into your account and into your progress albums.

First you will want to log into your My-JEFIT account and on the main profile hub, you will notice the button underneath the status box that states "Add Progress Pic".

Once you have clicked on this button you will be redirected to the upload progress pictures page where you will be able to upload progress pictures into your account.


Then while on the upload page you will click the "Upload Pictures" button. JEFIT will open up the upload browser box that will allow you to select the progress pictures that you will want to upload into your profile.

After you have selected the images that you would like to upload, the pictures will be uploaded into your profile and will show up in your progress picture album for yourself and your friends to see.




iPhone Application

Via the applications, you will open up the app and click on the "Progress Pictures" icon at the top right of your profile page.


By clicking on the camera icon, you will be redirected to the "Progress Pictures" page where you will be able to take pictures using your phone's camera, manage the current pictures within your app, download pictures from your online account as well as uploading pictures into your online profile.


When uploading progress pictures into your account, you will take the pictures that you want to take using your phone's camera, then after taking your photos you will click the upload icon, select the images you want to upload and then re-click the upload button to send the images into your online profile.




Android Application

When opening up the Android application, you will want to click on the main navigational slider button at the top left hand corner of the screen to initiate the menu option and then you will want to click on the Progress Pictures button to be taken to your progress pictures page.



From the progress pictures page you will want to click on the green picture icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to initiate your camera to be able to take progress pictures for your account.


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